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We stock and produce a wide range of PU conveyors. Our PU belts are used in many different industries throughout the country. We are one largest independent belts suppliers we can supply any belt. 

We have more than 60 belt types in stock. We can supply high quality conveyor belts and have a large program of special types with and without profiles. We are deliverable from PU belts to all types of conveyors and we can supply conveyor belts with all types of wavy edges, carriers and steering profiles to your wishes.

We can offer a high level of empathy and a great know-how as well as the great technical knowledge that our employees have, built through many years of experience in producing and manufacturing PU conveyor belts. 


PU cleats



PU cleats



Mechanical fasteners


mechanical fasteners



Examples of applications:

• Woodworking
• Metalworking
• Accumulation of items
• Refrigeration and freezing tunnels
• Frozen products
• Potted plants
• Food


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