Modular belts

NK Technics have over 20 Years application experience in providing the best modular belt that delivers real cost saving solutions to a wide range of industries.

Our product range delivers state-of-the-art features, for a wide variety of Industrial applications including where special materials are required for: low friction, chemical resistance, food safety, as well as with anti-static, flame retardant, metal detectable, high-impact and high-temperature properties.

Recent advancements in conveyor design and Plastic technology means in todays demanding industry, Modular belting can be used in more innovative ways to convey a multitude of products.



Our Modular belting is used effectively in conveying:

  • Meat, fish and poultry products  - Including Fabric to Modular belt conversions
  • Vegetables – Draining, Cooling and Blanching of Products
  • Baked goods and Confectionary – Including very small transfers
  • Packaging – All types of applications
  • Automotive – Sub Assembly and Car mover application specialists


Your key to success

Our application specialists at NK Technics have enjoyed many years of experience working closely with leading Global  manufacturers, our skill is finding the best performing belt for every individual application no matter how large or small. We are confident we can deliver performance improvements making your process more efficient and profitable.


Bespoke Services and Accessories

In addition to looking after your modular belt requirements we can offer technical support in “Retrofit Conversions” and a full range of conveyors and accessories. 

 Modular belting

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