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NK offer a wide range of PTFE & Silicone coated materials. These are predominantly coated onto woven glass substrate, with others such as Nomex and Kevlar also available.  From as thin as 0.050mm and as wide as 5m, we have a vast range of product grades to suit almost any industrial application.

Our product range is graded by the substrate style, coating level and type, they are arranged into multiple groups such as Industrial, Standard, Premium, Mesh and Food.  This relates to the weave style of the glass substrate, the specific glass grade, with the PTFE coated weight determining the exact product.


Porous Grade

Combines woven glass substrates with lower PTFE coating.  This allows for the escape of volatile gasses and air circulation in drying and curing processes in many industry applications.


Standard Grade

Combines woven glass substrate with higher levels of PTFE coating.  This provides a superior non-stick surface for the demanding of applications.  These products have proved to dramatically improve the cost effectiveness of a process application by reducing the frequency of replacement.


Premium Grade

Combines fully twisted woven glass substrate with high levels of PTFE coatings.  The twisted glass yarn woven substrate allows for higher levels of coating to be applied, improves the dimensional stability, dielectric values, release and tensile strengths of the products. The higher levels of PTFE make for a super-smooth, high gloss product with advanced performance characteristics.



Combine woven glass substrate with a carbon black PTFE coating.  These products therefore have a conductive surface, which allows for the discharge of static electricity. 



PTFE splices


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