Easy drive pulleys

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 The new standard in timing belt technology


The easy drive® ring engages accurately in the pulley. As a result, it reliably ensures that the timing belt, which has a corresponding groove, moves along the guide ring.

The most accurate possible directional stability for all tooth shapes, pitches and materials.

Convince yourself: the thought-out construction of easy drive® offers a conclusively improved efficiency in contrast with any other conventional type of solution.


The Benefits of easy drive®

-          Universal solution

-          Suitable for all types of toothed belts

-          For use with polyurethane and neoprene timing belts

-          Can be combined with any materials (steel, aluminium etc.)

-          Maximum directional stability of the timing belt

-          Applicable in both running directions, reversible

-          Minimal space required for installation

-          Suitable for Omega drives

-          Economical, saves resources

-          Vibrations are eliminated – very smooth running properties 

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