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Timing belts with cleats  provide exceptionally high and very precise, synchronized transport of your products. Timing belts are ideal for assembly, packaging and transportation tasks as well as automation of various applications. Dental belts are available in all lengths and the location can be specified at desired intervals.

Nk Technics timing belts are used for advanced production equipment and are recognized as reliable conveyor belts in the industry. The requirements of automation and material handling are diverse. Often the designer is challenged to come up with innovative solutions for complex transportation tasks. That is why we specialize in guiding and advising machine manufacturers, machine machining and production techniques with any challenge for developing clamp braces.





We offer a wide range of timing belts with water cutted and standard cleats from the factory warehouse with more than 3,700 different types. This creates complex design problems for innovative design solutions. With regard to the development of dental brakes with profiles, we manufacture and deliver a unique production drawing that fits your machine. The carrier is made of Polyurethane 92º Shore A, just like the toothed belt itself. When using the same material, an optimal adhesion guarantee is obtained.


As something extraordinary we can offer chemically welded application of carriers. As a result, the belt itself does not get any visible bead. There are several advantages to using chemical welded conductors:

  • Chemically welded carriers are particularly suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries where bacteria can not sit and grow.
  • With this type of carrier you can reach a maximum of +/- 0.2 mm tolerance. The advantage is that it achieves a particularly high precision than traditional friction fibers.
  • The chemical welding makes it possible to weld only parts of the wearer, so it is not necessary to apply the wearer to the braces with a knife or pliers. This avoids damaging the baseband and thus shortening the life of the belt.



Cleats cams timing belts



We can solve your complex timing belt challenges for all types of applications and machines, including measurement and correct dimensions of tine tires for new and old machines and installations for FDA / EU approved treatment of dental brakes with carriers. From standard to one-of-a-kind timing belt, challenge us and you will find us very helpful and with great know-how built on more than 25 years of experience in the timing belt industry.

Contact us today and let us discuss your needs for special timing belts. We offer a complete program of special designed cleats and conveyor belts for all tasks.



Mechanical tooth

By mechanically attaching the carriers with the drive belt (toothed belts with metal teeth), we can also remove the exact exact location around the drive belt by grinding existing teeth and replace with a metal tooth with small tolerances. As shown in the picture below, it is possible to decide which materials you want to produce your braces like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, POM and so on. This makes it very easy to change damaged profile without the entire distribution belt.


Mechanical cam




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