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When quick fitting is required

The timing belt joint PIN-JOIN is designed for a singular connection of timing belts directly into the application on site.

The Pin Join timing belt can be fitted as a quick assembly when required, with this system a toothed belt can be changed within 15 minutes.

This connection is also possible for all common types of belt including double sided toothed belts.

The Pin Join timing belt can also be used to Join belts with coatings and cleats.

The maximum load is 50% of the maximum load of an endless belt welded.


Technical data:

  • T5/AT5/HTD5/L–Standard width 10–50mm
  • T10 / AT10 / HTD8 / H – Standard width 25 – 150 mm
  • T20 / AT20 / HTD14 / XH – Standard width 32 – 150 mm



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