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NK Technics  polyurethane timing belts are made out of high quality, abrasion-resistant polyurethane in combination with high strength steel or aramid cords. Nearly every extruded belt type can be customized by adding coatings, profiles or special machining.



The following features are available:

  • 3 product segments of timing belts
    - Linear
    - Flex
    - Moulded


  • Several pitches

        - Metric pitch: T, DT, AT, ATL, ATN, ATP, HTD, STD, TK, ATK, BAT, SFAT, Eagle, flat belts F1,F2, F2.2, F2.5, F3, F4 and F6
        - Inch pitch: MXL, XL, L, H, XH


  • Different cords

          - steel
          - high performance steel
          - high flexibility steel
         - stainless steel
         - aramid


  • special surface finishings
    - nylon fabric on tooth side
    - nylon fabric on back side
    - antistatic surface


  •  More than 35 coverings


  • Customized specials

         - Cleats
         - Vee-guides
         - Perforations
         - Vacuum grooves

         - Pin Join


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